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The Roadmap to Grad Cap℠ Curriculum

Our professionals will also review your applications and essays, alerting you as to any possible issues with your applications BEFORE you submit them. See curriculum below:
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  • 1

    Your Journey Starts Here!

    • Disclaimer

    • Using Your Map

    • Know the Road Signs!

    • Always STOP for Demonstrated Interest

    • Your Map at a Glance

    • The Police Use Radar

    • Gas Up!

  • 2

    Before You Begin

    • Rules of the Road

    • How Can You be Reached?

    • Wash Your Car

    • Keep Your Eyes on the Road

    • Who's Coming with You?

    • Teachers, Coaches, & Bosses as Passengers

    • What's in Your Glove Box?

    • Tuck This Away in the Console

  • 3

    Learning to Drive

    • Learning to Drive with Standardized Testing

    • Sign Up for Your Driver's Test

    • Practice Driving

    • Do You Need a Spare Tire?

  • 4

    Setting Your GPS

    • Look to the East

    • Not Ready to Leave? No Problem!

    • What Kind of Driver Are You?

  • 5

    So Many Roads!

    • So Many Places to Go

    • Possible Destinations

    • Travel Reputation Road

    • Cruise the Fiscal Highway

    • Always Return to Safety Street

    • It's About the People You'll Meet

  • 6

    Where Should You Go?

    • Searching for Your Special Destination

    • Consider all Highways

    • Hire Some Tour Guides

    • ... and Listen to Them!

  • 7

    Stops Along the Way

    • Should You Visit Colleges?

    • Navigating Campus Visits

    • Stick Around for a Chat

  • 8

    It's Not a Race

    • Dust Off that Dashboard!

    • Adjust Your Controls

    • All Aboard: Applications!

    • Pack the Trunk

    • Know Where You're Going First

    • Steering the Supplemental Essay

    • "Why Do You Want to Go Here"?

    • Detour: Danger!

  • 9

    Final Leg of the Trip

    • What's Your ETA?

    • Winding Down the Trip

    • Before Closing the Garage Door

  • 10

    Bumps Along the Way

    • Do You Have Any Tickets?

    • Plan B: The Long Way Home

  • 11

    Paying for Your Journey

    • The Cost of Your Trip

    • Toll Road Ahead

    • Your FAFSA Ticket to Travel

    • The CSS Sidewalk

    • Take Me to Easy Street!

    • Scholarships Ahead

  • 12

    Athlete Alley ... a detour

    • Did You Pack Athletic Gear?

    • The Long Road of the Athlete

    • Are you a top athlete?

  • 13

    You've Arrived!

    • Before You Turn Off the Engine

    • Cleaning Up Your Car

  • 14

    Prepping for Your Next Trip ... to College!

    • “Off to college? Remember to prep for health, safety needs”

    • Shopping for Your Dorm

    • Waving Good-bye!

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